MV Switchgear 3.3/6.6/11kV VCB Panels till 40kA 22/33 kV Indoor VCB Panels 22/33 kV Outdoor VCB Panels 11/22/33 kV Compact Substations 3.3/11 kV HT Motors VCU Panels 3.3/11 Kv HT APFC Panels 66/132 kV Outdoor VCB 220/400 kV Outdoor VCB Control and relay panels & LV Switchgear PCC Panels till 6300Amps Intelligent MCC/PCCPanels MCC

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CT/PT Transformers

11KV CT PT METERING CUBICLE AND 33KV CT PT METERING CUBICLE AND LT CT METERING CUBICLE & 11KV CT PT UNIT AND 33KV CT PT UNIT AND & voltage transformers 415V Up to 400KV Design of standard instruments, relays or equipments normally does not permit them to be considered directly to the high voltage systems. Potential transformer therefore play a key role

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Wind and Solar

Wind and Solar We have successfully delivered our products and achieved a milestone of reaching almost 1GW of installed capacity. We are a reputed brand which is associated with some of India’s most renowned developers, EPC contractors etc .epc power project & Power project We cater to many power companies to implement their infrastructure for a smooth functioning.

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Isolator & insulator

Isolators from Isolators 11 KV up to 33 KV Lines , Ranging from 200 amps to 1250 amps . All Isolators are trading as per IS 9921 & 1818.

VOLTAGE: 72.5kV to 420kV CURRENT: Up to 4000A


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Company Profile

Established in 2015 Ereva Transformers and Switchgear has expanded such that is
now a reputed name in the field of power, measurement and protection. VVe are one of the most
reputed manufacturer & trading contractor of instrument transformers up to 400KV. We conduct
routine test on each and every product manufactured in our part. Price, Quality, Delivery and support
have been crucial in obtaining and retaining repeat business from our customer base.